Upcoming events

See the calendar below for upcoming events for the club, and the wider London region. These are in addition to our regular Thursday sessions, which run every week, unless there is a note on that date.

Events to look out for

Gradings – To get your next belt, you need to pass a grading. The London region usually has a grading once every quarter, with a pre-grading session 2 or 3 weeks before that.

Nationals – There are 2 National competitions every year, and are usually the highlights of the Jitsu calendar. Both Nationals feature sessions taught by some of the best instructors in the country, competitions for all grades, and an Open competition where you get to see the instructors compete.
The Atemi Nationals competition is a test and demonstration of the skills we have learnt in Jitsu, and are usually held in November.
The Randori Nationals competition is based on judo-style rules, and is held in February or March each year.

Other events
Regular club and regional socials
London regional sessions
National Summer Ball & Courses
Summer school, Lake District

Latest club news
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