Jitsu is a martial art that uses throws, locks and strikes to form an effective form of self-defence. Rather than requiring lots of strength, Jitsu uses the energy of an attack and knowledge of the vulnerable areas of an aggressor’s body against them.

Jitsu uses a wide range of techniques to deal with a range of scenarios. The range of techniques allows an appropriate response to the scenario; seriously injuring someone who has grabbed your wrist would be excessive, a more appropriate response could be to escape their grasp and move to a safe distance to find out what they want. Someone attacking you with a weapon on the other hand, will require you to disarm and restrain your attacker.

The focus of Jitsu is on practical techniques, which work in realistic scenarios. High jumping kicks can look impressive, but would this be useful in a crowded bar, or on a slippery surface? In many situtations a simple lock or strike would be more practical, and these are the techniques Jitsu focuses on.

As many of our techniques can be painful if applied for real, we train in a co-operative environment. Rather than sparring with each other, students allow their partners to apply techniques on them in a controlled manner, confident that their partner will not use the full force of the technique on them.